Investigation by the common man uncovers the connection between Michael Ferreira, a former world billiard champion as well as a Padma Bushan award winner and the QNET PYRAMID SCHEME.



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Although QNET claims to be a Network Marketing company focused on selling products, it is crystal clear this isn’t the case because over the last decade, somewhere between Rs.5,000-43,000 crores has been siphoned out of India by having gullible people invest large sums of money in products that have no real market value, under the guise of providing an “Unlimited Business Opportunity” in return.

With the purpose of safeguarding national interests, this information is being uploaded here because some people like Michael Ferreira think that they can get away with white collared “FINANCIAL TERRORISM” by using their connections in circles of power.

After the 5,000-43,000 crore QNET SCAM was exposed in Mumbai, officials of Vihaan Direct selling (India) Pvt Ltd, the company operating the QNET MLM scheme in India, have till date refused to divulge any details at all.

So we individuals decided to do a little investigation of our own and one name started to crop up everywhere. That’s when we realized that Mr. Michael Ferreira was the “Granddaddy” of this QNET SCAM in India.

Through our research into Michael Ferreira & QNET, we stumbled upon various videos, photographs and websites linking them to each other. However, we needed “SOLID DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE” to establish our case and this evidence came in the form of official documents from Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd., the company accused of running this product based pyramid scheme in India.

These documents listed the names of the founder promoters of Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd.:
Mr Malcolm Nozer Desai, possessing 20% of the total number of shares.
Mr. Michael Ferreira, possessing 80% of the total number of shares.

mf-vihaan-sharesDownload: ROC (India) Document

A detailed complaint of the illegal activities of Mr. Michael Ferreira was made to the Mumbai police with a request to add him as an “ACCUSED” in the FIR lodged against QNET, Vihaan and others.

Download: Complaint to Mumbai Police

Contact Mr. Gurupreet Singh: +917498063701

An interesting point to note here is that Malcolm Nozer Desai who owns just 20% of the shares has approached the sessions court for Anticipatory Bail because the EOW – Mumbai, is investigating him and out to arrest him.

We can’t help but wonder why Mr. Michael Ferreira is being let off without any action whatsoever?

Today using Documentary, Video and Photo evidence we will expose the “Granddaddy” behind this decade-old pyramid scheme that’s been plaguing our nation and siphoned thousands of crores out of our economy.

These white collared criminals headed by Mr. Michael Ferreira in India have not just drained our country but also other countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, especially Egpyt.

Posted below is a screenshot from a video of Mr. Michael Ferreira promoting the business of “Network Marketing” and in the back ground the image of Mr.Vijay Easwaran the international king pin of QUESTNET/QNET scam can be seen. Also seen is the logo and name of team “Faith” on the coffee mug on the table.


Download the Video

It is to be noted that Mr.Vijay Easwaran is an Absconding Accused as per the charge sheet filed by the Chennai CB CID in the QUEST NET/QNET SCAM.

Oddly enough, last November, Vijay Eswaran & QNet were featured in a Forbes Asia article. Among the comments below that poorly researched article was this one by Michael Ferreira:


Posted below are the various photographs of Mr. Michael Ferreira showing his relations with Quest Net/QNet since last 10 years.

  • Team Faith’s founder, Michael Ferreira hugs Vijay Eswaran, Founder – QNet, at VCON 2012. [Source: Click the Image]

  • QNet’s Team Faith founder, Michael Ferreira with Vanka Srinivas Rao – Director, Vihaan Direct Selling India Pvt. Ltd.
  • 1: QNet V Partner – Sathi Senathirajah (white shirt), 2: Team Faith Founder – Michael Ferreira, 3: QNet V MD – Pathman Senathirajah, 4: QNet India CEO – Suresh Thimiri, 5: Team Infiniti co-founder – Manish Bhansali. (Lady on the right with gold handbag: Team Infiniti co-founder, Michelle Desai)
  • 1: QNet V Partner – Sathi Senathirajah, 2: QNet India CEO – Suresh Thimiri, 3: Team Faith Founder – Michael Ferreira, 4: Vihaan Direct Selling India Director – Vanka Srinivas Rao. (Lady on the left with gold handbag: Team Infiniti co-founder, Michelle Desai)
  • Nikhil Dhawan, J.R. Mayer, Suresh Thimiri, Pathman Senathiraja, Dev Wadhwani, Michael Ferreira.
  • J.R. Mayer, Michael Ferreira, Mahendra Kumar, Arun George, Pathman Senathirajah, Suresh Thimiri, Varun Dhawan, Aarati Dighe-Dhawan, Dev Wadhwani, Balajee Kumar &
  • Michael Ferreira and Dev Wadhwani hug it out while Suresh Thimiri looks on.
  • Circled: Michael Ferreira & Suresh Thimiri.
  • Seated: Michael Ferreira, Arun George, Pathman Senathirajah, Mahendra Kumar. Standing: Dev Wadhwani, J.R. Mayer, Suresh Thimiri, Balajee Kumar
  • Seated: Michael Ferreira, Arun George, Pathman Senathirajah, Mahendra Kumar. Standing: Dev Wadhwani, J.R. Mayer, Suresh Thimiri, Balajee Kumar

The Government of India had bestowed the Padma Bushan award upon Michael Ferreira for his contribution in sports but it is really heart breaking to see that the same award is being used in other countries to further the QNET SCAM.

Here is an excerpt taken from the web page http://www.faithegypt.com/index.pl/faith_team

The founder of Team Faith is Padma Bhushan Michael Ferreira who had already established his name on the international sporting scene. As an individual, in a very short space of time he was in the list of the top 30 earners and under his astute stewardship he provided the platform, environment, guidance, training and inspiration to his flock, many of whom are earning incomes beyond their wildest dreams.

This clearly shows how the title of “Padma Bushan” awarded to Michael Ferreira is being misused worldwide to add credibility when promoting the QNET SCAM.

In view of all these facts a complaint was made to the President of India to strip Mr. Michael Ferreira of  his Padma Bushan. Posted below is the soft copy of that complaint.

Gurupreet Singh Anand,
Flat no 101, Building no 2,
Kamdhenu Apna Ghar Unit no14 CHS Ltd,
Lokhandwala Complex, Andhei-west,
Mumbai 400053.
Mobile number: 7498063701.

The president of India,
New Delhi, India.

Sub : Illegal activites of Mr. Michael Ferreira (Padma Bushan) regarding goldquest aka questnet aka Qnet leading to draining of thousands of crores out of India and demand to withdraw the Padma Bushan bestowed on Mr. Michael Ferreira.

Respected Sir,

I the above named is a citizen of India residing in mumbai. I wish to draw your urgent attention to the illegal and criminal activities of Mr. Michael Ferreira regarding introducing the illegal money circulation business in India of the QI Group which is headed by one Mr.Vijay Eswaran, located in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

I say that Mr. Vijay easwaran has started this scheme in India many years and it continues till date by changing company names and names of directors. I say a detailed complaint has been registered with the Mumbai police and action is under way against the company called Vihaan Direct selling Pvt Ltd. I say that the said company was also started by Mr. Michael Ferreira and is just a brand new corporate identity to carry forward the same scam which was carried previously by the companies Goldquest International Pvt.Ltd and QuestNet India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd against whom several FIRs were lodged by chennai police. I say all these companies are front companies of Mr. Vijay easwaran and Mr. Michael Ferreira and running a illegal product based money circulation scheme and have drained thousands of crores out of our Mother India.

I say that Mr. Michael Ferreira was bestowed by the title of Padma Bushan keeping in mind his contribution in the field of sports in India but the said gentleman has formed a team called “Faith” which is active in India, egypt etc. I say that the said “Team Faith” runs training sessions in different cities across the world called “System”. In these trainings the fact that Mr. Michael Ferreira is a Padma Bushan is used entice new comers in this illegal money circulation scheme.

I say that Mr. Michael Ferreira has acted as a front man of behalf of Mr.Vijay Easwaran to jump start the illegal money circulation scheme in India and has helped and aided the crimes of Mr.Vijay easwaran. I say these people have drained thousands of crores out of India by running the illegal product based money circulation scheme.

I request you to please strip Mr. Michael Ferreira off his Padma Bushan with immediate effect. I think that you will look into this matter urgently and take a appropriate decision in national interest.

Gurupreet Singh Anand.

Download: Original Letter to the President


For convenience you can download a consolidated zip file containing all the evidence displayed in this article by clicking the button below.
Download: All evidence

Update #1: Bonus Pictures

Here are some additional pictures from Team Faith with Michael Ferreira in action.

Download: Bonus Pictures of Michael Ferreira at Faith


Below are stills from a Team Faith promo video that was uploaded to Facebook by Mark Ferreira, co-founder of Team Faith and Michael’s son.

  • Michael Ferreira with former Faith member and Founder of Infiniti, Dev Wadhwani
  • Michael Ferreira with former Faith member and co-founder of Infiniti, Manish Bhansali.

Download: Faith – Breaking Barriers (Video)

Update #2: More Bonus Pictures

Download: Bonus Pictures #2


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